January 10, 2018 - Minutes

Tommy Sugg, outgoing President, opened the meeting.

Tommy stated that we need to elect a new Membership Chair as Hailey has left the group. Don Holt had been suggested as Membership Chair by old and new Officers, has agreed to serve and was approved by acclimation of the group. Chuck, Tommy and Lori will be his committee. Welcome, Don!

Chuck Flagg, outgoing VP, announced referral numbers for 2017:

1st Qtr – 209
2nd Qtr – 227
3rd Qtr – 154
4th Qtr – 94
for a total of 684 for calendar year 2017

Chuck also announced awards:

#1 in referrals – 64 to Tammy MacQueen $100 check

#2 in referrals - 58 to Tommy Sugg $50 check

#3 in referrals – 55 to Carolyn Greene $25 check

Most attended meetings – 41 to Tommy Sugg $25 check

Most referred new members – 2 to Tammy MacQueen $100 check


Welcome to Jessica Hughes with Country Financial as new member.

Welcome to Visitor Greg Patton with Creative Muscle Studios.


Speaking calendar passed:

Jan 17 – Chuck 30 min
Jan 24 – Gemma 30 min
Jan 31 – Jessica 30 min
Feb 7 – Don Holt 15 minutes (available spot for additional speaker)
Feb 14 – Lori 30 minutes (we hope she will bring sweet Valentine goodies)
Feb 21 – No Meeting (winter break for Cherokee County schools)
Feb 28 – Connie 30 minutes


New President, Ed Eisenhauer, reviewed Open Categories for new members:

Appliance repair, catering, event planner, fitness center, picture framer, general contractor, low voltage lighting contractor, consignment furniture, interior design/home décor, landscaper, jeweler, painter, massage or spa services, UPS store, veterinarian, florist, counseling service, 1 MLM position – all posted on website.

Focus for 2018 to be building membership to 35-40 members.

Dues should be paid by end of January as follows:

$50 for six months or $100 for one year plus $230 for cost of food, for a total of $330 for everything in 2018.

30 seconds: Melody, Gus, Chris, Jessica, Don, Connie, Frank, Lucy, Chuck, Debra, Brenna, Gemma, Linda, Lori, Carla, Carolyn, Pam, Tommy, Ed, then visitor Greg Patton (19 members & one visitor)

Tommy encouraged one-to-one breaking bread meetings to get to know the other members on a more personal level.

Carolyn Greene, Treasurer, recapped the money currently in the bank – slightly over $2,200 – and that we have previously donated to local charity or spent on SECBN marketing materials. Discussion followed with any ideas to be emailed to Ed. Carolyn stressed that the decision needed to be made very quickly and it was agreed that decision would be made at the next meeting.

Directly after the next meeting on January 17, the old and new officers will have a short meeting to wrap up the transition from old to new for 2018.

Referrals passed.