Membership Process


How Membership Works


  • Prior to inviting a guest, please check with Membership Chair to ensure there is no category conflict with another member or another member has not already invited someone from the same category to attend a meeting.
    • In addition to members inviting guest, we have guest request to attend/join meetings thru our SECBN website.  Coordinating all guests is paramount to maintaining our individual categories.
  • Once approved via Membership Chair, you may invite Potential Member to a meeting.
    • Membership Chair keeps a log of date, guest, email, category, referred by, dates meeting attended, letters, application submitted, approval etc.
  • Potential Member is invited to attend 2 meetings prior to submitting their application to join SECBN
    • Potential Member will be sent an email from Membership Chair thanking them for attending, answering any questions & inviting them to attend once more before submitting an application.
  • Once 2nd meeting is attended
    • Membership Chair will send an email inviting Potential Member to submit an Application including an application checklist.
  • Application is considered complete once Membership Chair Collects ALL of the following:
    • Completed Application
    • A business description for use on the SECBN website
    • Application dues and six month dues are paid (check will not be cashed until approved by general membership)
    • Copy of business license is in hand


Once all elements of application are received, the approval process begins.  Membership Chair maintains copies of application and business license.  Approval takes about two weeks.  During the approval process Potential Member is welcome to attend meetings.

  • Membership Committee will approve Potential Member
  • Then approval via general membership for Potential Member
    • Any objections should be voiced at this time.


Once approved as a member Membership Chair will

  • Submit copy of Application & Six Month Dues to Treasurer.
  • Communicate New Member information can be added to website.  
  • Update all member documents & distribute.
  • Recognize New Member at a regular Wednesday meeting and will receive a SECBN Business Card Holder Filled with Member Business Cards as well as a Welcome Packet of Information.  New Member may now add their business cards to the Business Card Rolodex.


Members are required to attend 2 meetings minimum per month if 4 or more meetings are scheduled (if there are only 3 or less meetings in a month then you only need attend 1). The bylaws are linked through the application page on the website so you can read through the expectations.